Imagine living in a beautiful, coastal city. Spending warm, sunny days going for walks along the pier, seeing dolphins leaping out of the ocean, or maybe you just marvelling at the beautiful historical buildings.  

Imagine being able to walk to the bedroom window of your luxurious private home and see a crystal clear ocean. 

If this sounds like your kind of place, then look no further than Old Naples, Florida. This historical, coastal town has a lot to offer both tourists and residents. 

A brief history of Old Naples

In the late 19th century, Walter N. Haldeman and General John Stuart founded the city of Naples. Back then, people started flocking to this picturesque town after hearing about it through newspapers and magazines. The town soon became known for its plentiful hunting grounds, abundant fishing and a warm, welcoming climate. 

All these attractions created a booming tourist industry in Naples. Eventually, there were even advertisements that compared the city to the paradise of Naples, Italy. This eventually led to Naples becoming the official name of the new city. 

Later, Haldeman and William created the Naples Company. Eventually, the main framework of the city would include the Naples Hotel and Naples Pier. According to legend, President Grover Cleveland’s sister, Rose, was one of the first guests at the hotel.   

The rich and long history can still be seen today. Some of the original buildings are still standing and attract and impress both tourists and residents alike. With these historical sites all over the city, Old Naples is a history buff’s dream. 

The Best Things To Do in Old Naples

Exploring Third Street South 

Third Street South is just two blocks from the Naples Pier. This street has a combination of cosmopolitan shopping and delicious dining options within a historical environment. There are also the original beach cottages that line Third Street South and a number of beautiful parks. 

Visit Palm Cottage

If you want to step inside a piece of Naples history, you should visit Naples Historic Palm Cottage. This lovely cottage is the oldest house in Naples. One of the city’s founders, Walter N. Haldeman, built the cottage in 1895. He made the two-story building with a mixture of concrete, water, sand, and shells. 

Today, the cottage is on 12th Avenue South in Naples. Haldeman’s cottage is open to tourists. There are guided tours and free walking tours available. The Naples Historical Society even offers educational programs to school kids. 

Wine, Dine, and Stroll in Living History at 5th Avenue South

Even though it has changed and grown over the last 150 years, the historic 5th Avenue South is still the heart of the city. The Avenue has been around since the 1920s and has become known as the city’s main street. Today, 5th Avenue South is home to the city’s artistic culture and hosts a range of events.

When you walk down 5th Avenue South, you will see unique architecture from various European cities. You will also come across cafés and restaurants. You will find more than enough delicious food to keep you going while you shop. 

See the Gulf of Mexico from a Perfect Vantage Point at Naples Pier

The Naples Pier has become part of the city’s history. The building for this site began in June 1888. Thereafter, it became home to the first Naples post office in 1889. It was first used as a place to fish. It was also a place to unload and load passengers and freight. 

By 1909, the beachgoers in Naples could use the pier’s bathhouses. Sadly, it was damaged in four separate events in 1910, 1926, 1944 and in 1960. Luckily, the Naples community worked together to make the pier stronger than before. 

Nowadays, the Naples Pier is the perfect place to visit and see dolphins on a sunny day out. It’s located at 25 12th Avenue South in Naples. The pier goes 600 feet (0.18 km) into the Gulf of Mexico. 

Historic York Minster in England

Houses in Old Naples

The residents of Naples, Florida, are lucky enough to live in a city that offers different styles of homes. Some houses and homes have been built in organized communities that homeowners associations often run. 

These styles of homes will often include the following: 

  • Spanish style homes, 
  • Neo-Mediterranean or Mediterranean homes, 
  • Coastal homes
  • Colonial (British West Indies) 
  • Old Florida Style


When we think of Condos, we often think of luxury apartments on a busy New York street. Luckily, this isn’t always the case. In Naples, condos refer to the legal contract that means the buyer will own everything inside the home. In most cases, you will share common areas with other condo owners, as well as the gym and the pool. 

Condos are a great option if you want a home that needs very little maintenance. Living in a condo means that you can enjoy your home without worrying about your safety. In Naples, the average price of condos can be less than $300 000. 

Private, luxury homes

These homes in Naples can be on the more expensive side, depending on their location in the city. Some homes can start at more than $300 000. On the other hand, there have been homes that were listed at more than $42 million. The beauty of these homes will make it worth every dollar you spend. 

If you’re looking for a home with a sea view, it will most likely be one of these premium luxury homes. These homes might be on the more expensive side, but you don’t only get your own home. There are plenty of amenities such as access to a fitness club, social hall and even a private golf course. 


There are always townhouses in Naples, Florida for anyone who doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a luxury home. These homes are often multiunit and multistory buildings that belong in a bigger complex. Townhouses tend to be much more affordable than luxury homes. 

Living in townhouses has its benefits. These will often include the use of maintenance teams. There is also often access to a common playground, tennis court, swimming pool, or even a clubhouse with these homes.


Normally, villas are single-story homes that will often have a front garden or a patio. Occasionally, these villas will be connected to one another by a common wall. The villa might also be detached from its neighbors. 

Just like townhouses and even private homes, there might be a neighborhood or homeowners association. Living in a villa that’s part of an association means that you’ll get access to certain benefits, such as landscaping services and being part of a community. 

Finals thoughts on Old Naples, Florida

Naples has plenty to offer its visitors and residents. There are different home options for people who come from different age brackets. Not only are there beautiful and affordable homes, but there are charming historical sites such as the Naples Pier and 5th Avenue South.   

Now that you’ve read about the homes and the available sites, what are you waiting for? If you need someone to help you find your perfect home in this charming city then you should make an appointment with luxury realtors from Homes by Ardor to find out more.

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