In recent years, the sunny city of Naples, Florida, has become one of the fastest-growing, up-and-coming housing markets in South Florida.

If you’ve come to this page, you probably already have an idea of what living in Naples might be like: Golf courses, waterfront mansions, azure waters, and impossibly white sandy beaches.

But while these images are certainly true to the character of this Florida jewel, there are many more reasons why both young families and retirees continue to choose Naples as their home — and possibly, just as many reasons why this exciting Florida city might not be the one for you.

So, if you are considering moving to Naples and enjoying all the best that this popular destination has to offer, why not read up on what living in Naples is actually like?

Here’s all you need to know about living in Naples, Florida — pros and cons included!

Living in Naples, Florida, Pros and Cons

The pros of living in Naples

First things first, you might be surprised to learn that this seaside jewel didn’t always have the desirable reputation we associate with it today.

Naples was, in fact, once considered one of the quietest, least remarkable Florida cities. That was until a number of celebrities and millionaires spotted its amazing qualities and set in motion the ambitious real estate development that has made the once-sleepy town what it is today.

And what it is today is definitely a sight to behold!

So, what are the most exciting things to look forward to when moving to this Collier County gem?

Unbeatable weather

If you’re a fan of warm weather in the summer and comfortable winters, you’ll definitely find yourself at home in Naples.

Despite being located further south than most U.S. cities, this particular spot of Southwest Florida enjoys warm, yet not fully tropical temperatures during most of the year. In winter the average temperature sits at a pleasant 70F.

On top of that, Naples is also one of America’s sunniest cities, with a whopping 264 days of sunshine each year!

Family-friendly fun

Naples might be a retiree’s dream, but that doesn’t mean that families with young children won’t have plenty of exciting activities to enjoy over the weekend!

The city offers plenty of family-friendly outdoor fun, with renowned wildlife parks, zoos, water parks, biking trails, and museums providing both fun and educational opportunities for all the family.

Don’t miss the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples for a one-of-a-kind play experience your kids will never forget!

Boater’s paradise

Sitting right on the Gulf of Mexico, Naples is a dream come true for watersports and boating enthusiasts. It has plenty of homes situated right on the waterfront and top-class island-hopping opportunities — the Ten Thousand Islands are just outside your door!

Growing job market

Naples holds yet another national record for being one of the best U.S. cities in terms of job growth and job opportunities, with a low unemployment rate of 4.0% compared to the 6.0% national average.

The city has done a great job nurturing diverse and high-earning employment opportunities, and its future job market growth is predicted to reach as much as 40% in the next decade.

Thriving real estate market

By the same token, the city’s real estate market is also experiencing incredible growth with diverse housing opportunities being developed in both the most desirable neighborhoods and the most affordable areas of Naples.

In fact, despite the high housing costs usually associated with the sunny city, there are still plenty of affordable homes available for families who wish to spend less on overall living costs.

Communal and gated real estate opportunities

Luxury housing is, however, where Naples truly shines, offering premium spots in some of Florida’s most desirable neighborhoods — with exceptional gated security as part of the deal.

As Naples has become the go-to destination for affluent Floridians, you’ll be hard-pressed to find properties lacking the state-of-the-art security we’ve come to expect from gated communities and desirable neighborhoods.

The perfect retirement destination

While Naples long ago shed its image of a retiree-only destination, that doesn’t mean that the thriving job market and exciting amenities have turned the city into a retiree-free zone.

In fact, seniors and retirees make up around 48% of the population!

Naples consistently ranks as one of the best places in the United States to retire or get a second home, thanks to its close proximity to world-class beaches, its enjoyable tropical climate, incredible safety, and its relaxed environment.

Pristine environment

The quiet and relaxed atmosphere Naples is known for is not the only draw for people looking to make this city their new home.

Its clean and almost pristine environment is a big part of why so many consider Naples the anti-Miami: no garish neon signs, no litter, no drunken hordes of tourists scattered on the beach during the popular summer months!

Top-rated schools

Naples also enjoys a stellar reputation when it comes to its public schools, boasting several top-rated schools both in terms of academic performance and student equity.

This is yet another family-friendly point in favor of living in Naples if you have young children and teenagers!

Excellent golfing atmosphere and golf courses

Golfing culture is also one of the biggest draws of the city, with several golf courses available throughout the year and a committed golfing community to engage with.

Golf-loving homeowners often end up bundling golf memberships with their mortgage, making for a convenient alternative to the high membership fees you’re likely to encounter.

World-class beaches

You cannot talk about the beauty of Naples without mentioning its incredible white sand beaches, showing just how full of wonder and incredible wildlife the Gulf of Mexico can be.

Don’t miss the ever-so-popular Marco Island, Delnor-Wiggins Pass, and Vanderbilt Beach!

Picture-perfect sunsets

In addition to crystal clear waters and gorgeous white sand, the many beaches surrounding Naples are the perfect place to experience breathtaking sunsets.

There’s no better way to end a day out in downtown Naples than strolling along the pier and watching the sun go down!

Outdoor activities

Naples is also well-known for the many outdoor activities it offers, from paddle boating to swamp buggy racing. Combine that with the abundant wildlife, trekking spots, and biking routes, and you’ve got yourself an exciting playground for lovers of the outdoors and kids alike!

Low crime rates

Naples is one of the safest cities in Florida, boasting a crime rate almost 90% lower than the state’s average and ranking as one of the United State’s safest places to live overall.

This is a city with an incredibly low violent crime rate, considered 57% safer than other U.S. cities and ranking low in property crime rate as well thanks to its efficient and widespread property security systems!

Shopping hotspots

Downtown Naples is a shopper’s paradise, offering as many as five different shopping districts mere minutes from each other, plus plenty of diverse dining options.

Among the many restaurants and hip boutiques, you’ll find the picturesque outdoor Mercato, exciting malls for all budget ranges, and the incredible 5th Avenue South, full of Old Florida charm!

Celebrity sightings

Want to rub elbows with some of the hottest celebs? Naples has got your back for that too — with plenty of well-known personalities that have chosen to make the Paradise Coast city their home, you’re bound to run into recognizable faces downtown or at your local beach!

High median income

Naples is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, boasting the sixth-highest per capita income and the second-highest proportion of millionaires per capita in the whole country.

This comes with a desirable set of advantages for families and retirees looking to build a life in a safe, exclusive, and pristine environment!

The Average Home in Naples, Florida

The homes in Naples

If all these pros haven’t already sold you on the signature Naples lifestyle, the wide range of housing options available certainly will.

The city boasts some of the country’s best and most beautiful homes, with plenty of luxury real estate options as well as more affordable properties available in all its neighborhoods.

Here’s a little sneak peek of all the incredible properties the city has to offer:

Waterfront homes

As a boater’s paradise, Naples has plenty of waterfront homes available, from high-rises to single-family homes.

The most desirable waterfront properties will usually have a private dock (perfect for waterskiing, paddling, boating, and even wakeboarding) and a stunning beachfront view.

As a deeply communal city filled with membership-only clubs, waterfront residents will also enjoy easy exclusive access to 5-star amenities, from dining spots to tennis courts, spas, and pools.

Still, waterfront access doesn’t mean that each property’s interior won’t steal the spotlight too!

Many of these beautiful homes come designer-furnished and ready to impress. They feature impressive landscaping, pools, outdoor bars, ample garages, and custom high-ceiling foyers on an average 4000 sq. ft. lot size.


If you’re looking to make the most out of Naples’ exclusive communities, you might want to invest in a luxury beachfront condo instead. It’s the perfect choice for families and retirees wanting to dive straight into the city’s social atmosphere.

Whether you find yourself in Coquina Sands, Park Shore, or any other desirable community in the area, you’re guaranteed to find the idyllic seaside condo of your dreams, complete with easy access to the city’s most exclusive beach clubs.

You can expect most condos to feature Florida’s signature lanais, wrap-around balconies, double master suites, media rooms, modern wine cellars, and luxurious bathrooms filled with natural light overlooking the azure waters of the Gulf Coast.

Golfing homes

If you’re more of the golfing type than a beach and boating enthusiast, you’ll find plenty of golfing homes designed to cater to your lifestyle and bring you into the fold of the city’s thriving golfing community.

Mostly situated in beachfront gated communities, these homes blur the lines between the signature, resort-like Florida living and a more modern, sophisticated designer lifestyle, offering custom furniture, entertainment rooms, and plenty of outdoor features to entertain your guests.

Each home comes with an optional golf club membership for your local club, along with concierge services, private beachfront dining, and many more exclusive perks!

Luxury homes

Unparalleled luxury living is the reason why so many families have chosen to make Naples their home. If you’re looking for some of the best luxury homes in the country, you’re bound to find the perfect fit somewhere along Naples’ sandy beaches!

With single-family homes measuring between 4,000 and 8,000 sq. ft., stunning beachfront views, and fine-material constructions, the city’s best luxury homes blend resort-like living with modern sophistication.

You can expect glass-paneled homes filled with natural light all year round, infinity pools, outdoor bars, modern fire pits, oversized garages, and designer-furnished bed suites and bathrooms.

The cons of living in Naples

While there are many more benefits to living in Naples than there are disadvantages, it might still not be the best place for you to live if you don’t enjoy the few setbacks that come with living in a tropical tourist destination.

If you haven’t already made up your mind, let us walk you through some of the biggest cons of choosing Naples as your next home base:


Be prepared to make peace with the visitors! Naples makes for a popular tourist hotspot all year round, thanks to its stunning beaches, good food, and laid-back atmosphere.

Walking along the seafront might not be as relaxing when there are plenty of tourists on segways!


If you’re living further away from downtown and need to commute, traffic can definitely become a little problematic, especially along Golden Gate.

When heading downtown and running errands, make sure to leave an extra 30 minutes earlier to be right on time!

Heavy rain

While the weather is usually pleasant and warm, you will experience periods of heavy rain during the summer, the hottest and wettest time to be in Naples.

The rain won’t bother you for the rest of the year, however, as you can only expect two to three inches of precipitation per month.


Big bugs and mosquitos tend to be the biggest pitfalls of living in a tropical area, and this city is no exception to the golden rule: The higher the heat, the bigger the bugs!

Quiet beaches

The fact that Naples can be considered the anti-Miami can be one of the biggest pros for some. That said, it can also be a downside for residents looking for that signature beach party lifestyle.

Naples’ beaches are quieter, cleaner, and a lot more serene than other beachfront destinations, so if you’re looking to party and dance on the waterfront, they might not be the best choice for you!

Focus on retirees

This city is known for its retirement communities, as many seniors choose to spend their golden years on the coast boating, socializing, and enjoying the incredible wildlife.

While Naples has a whole lot more to offer than just golf, boats, and bocce, you might want to head someplace else if you’re looking for a more dynamic, young lifestyle.

Expensive HOAs

HOA fees can be quite expensive no matter the neighborhood you’re living in, and you might end up paying several thousand dollars each year.

Luckily, the fees are reviewed on a regular basis, and some areas do charge considerably lower fees —it’s all about doing your research!

High costs

Finally, the city’s high median income can be a double-edged sword for people who are not prepared for the high cost of living that comes with it.

The per-capita spending rates are among the highest in the country, so if you think you might not fit in and end up spending more than you should, Naples might not be for you!

25 Reasons Why We Love Naples

Is Naples a good place to live?

So, is Naples a good place to buy property, work, start a family, and retire?

Looking at everything that this Collier County city has to offer, the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes!

Between the stunning natural beauty, a thriving job market well above the national average, and the sheer amount of activities and amenities offered, Naples can be a dream destination for all types of families — and you’re bound to find your dream home there too.

Get in touch today to explore all that luxury real estate in Naples has to offer and find the perfect beachfront property for your needs!

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