Nestled within the calm, clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico and known for its amazing leisure amenities and high-end shopping, the city of Naples, Florida, is one of the United States’ leading destinations for tranquil leisure living.

Naples has long been a hideaway gem for retirees looking to get the best of both worlds when it comes to making the best out of a comfortable yet exciting retirement: Possessing all the beauty and charm of a quiet coastal town while featuring great entertainment amenities like golf courses, high-end shops, fishing hotspots, and world-famous white beaches, this relaxing Florida city is truly able to offer something to everyone.

In recent years, Naples has started to become a more attractive place to live in for younger families, too, thanks to its vibrant cafe scene, downtown shopping hotspots, and exciting outdoor adventure activities, including dolphin-spotting, catamaran sailing, and paddle tours that take you right into the heart of the lush mangroves.

It’s easy to see why Naples, Florida, makes for a boater’s and shopping enthusiast’s paradise — the charming Naples Pier has become the icon of this sun-kissed and vibrant city for a reason, after all.

But one of the most appealing features of this incredible coastal city is the beautiful white, powdery sandy beaches scattered all across its coast and beyond, facing the deep blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and inviting tourists and long-time residents alike to sit back, relax, and enjoy their sunbathing without a care in the world.

Whether you’ve just started to think about relocating your family to Naples or you’re just looking for a relaxing, uncrowded getaway to enjoy your summer holiday, the best beaches in Naples are waiting to welcome you — so, here are our top picks for the most beautiful Naples beaches to plan a visit to as the summer comes around!

Vanderbilt Beach, Naples

With over 10 miles of gorgeous beaches stretching alongside its coast, it can be somewhat of a challenge to list the absolute must-visit “sugar sand” Naples beaches, but there’s no doubt about Vanderbilt Beach always showing up, in any list, as one of the top spots.

The five-acre park that comprises Vanderbilt Beach is located toward the end of Vanderbilt Beach Road, and it is well-known for offering some of the most bustling beaches in Naples due to its close proximity to the popular North Naples area.

Lively and surrounded by well-outfitted facilities, this white sandy beach is the perfect place for a swim thanks to its shallow waters and a great spot for taking long walks and indulging in a little window-shopping at the many shops surrounding the area.

As the beach tends to be very busy all throughout the year, visitors are recommended to get there early, generally as early as 9 am, to secure a prime spot. You can easily spend a whole day sunbathing, swimming, people-watching, bird-watching, and grabbing lunch at one of the restaurants on Gulf Shore Drive.

If you’re looking to have a lively, action-packed day at a gorgeous Naples beach, you should look no further than Vanderbilt Beach Park!

Lowdermilk Beach, Naples

Next on the list, we have Lowdermilk Beach Park, a relaxing and pristine spot offering 1,000 feet of gorgeous beachfront, a volleyball court, picnic areas, and a children’s playground near Coquina Sands.

Thanks to its family-friendly amenities, this beach is popular with families and tourists alike, perfect for an afternoon break in between shopping trips or for watching the sunset while enjoying a picnic with your loved ones.

Beyond the beautifully manicured gardens, Lowdermilk Beach is a favorite in the area for its shallow, child-friendly waters, gentle waves, and soft white sand, making for a relaxing and tranquil beach spot to enjoy a sunny afternoon with family and friends, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The beach park is fitted with showers, restrooms, concession stands, and ample parking, so you can enjoy all the best that this beach has to offer with full peace of mind!

Barefoot Beach, Naples

The Barefoot Beach Preserve is located just off the north coast of Naples, on sunny Little Hickory Island, and it is the perfect escape paradise for families and couples looking to relax among the palm trees of a pristine wildlife island, away from the city but still able to enjoy comfortable amenities.

Immersed in lush wildlife and greenery, Barefoot Beach boasts 342 acres of natural land, and as the home of many interesting animal species, it is considered one of the last undeveloped barrier islands of Florida’s southwest coast.

Being on Barefoot Beach is like being transported to a remote tropical island, but without any of the hassles that might come with reaching a secluded natural space. The beach access is located comfortably just twenty feet off Bonita Beach Road, and you’ll find plenty of restrooms, vending machines, a large picnic area, showers, and parking spaces to enjoy your day of sunbathing in full comfort.

In 2014, Barefoot Beach was rated the 2nd best beach in the country by Dr. Beach, the number one authority on American beaches, citing the incredible greenery, gentle waves, and shallow waters as the top reasons for visiting this gorgeous Naples beach, especially for families.

The beach boasts a whopping 8,200 feet of uninterrupted white and soft sand, and it is a local favorite when it comes to bird-watching and observing sea life, as well as being a great spot if you’re looking to walk the nearby nature trail and immerse yourself in the full greenery of this gorgeous barrier island.

Palm Trees

Clam Pass Park, Naples

Clam Pass Beach, part of the beautiful and family-friendly Clam Pass Beach Park, is yet another one of the best beaches in Naples, located near the exclusive Naples Grande Beach Resort.

Boasting 35 acres of coastal habitat and over 3,000 feet of uninterrupted sandy beachfront, Clam Pass is a favorite among local families and tourists alike, standing as the second most popular beach in Naples (right after the bustling Vanderbilt beach) thanks to its ample parking space, comfortable beach access, and proximity to the city’s shops and restaurants.

Visitors can easily get to the beach proper with a free tram ride or a long walk and enjoy the facilities within, including plenty of restrooms, showers, picnic tables, a small restaurant, and kayak and canoe launches. Keep in mind that you won’t find as many services as on other Naples beaches, so make sure to pack a good lunch before catching the tram!

Clam Pass offers a relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for families and lovers of wildlife, boasting some of the most pristine vegetation in the area and some of the clearest waters on the shore.

Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, Naples

The gorgeous Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park is located just down the road from Vanderbilt Beach Park and yet offers an entirely different atmosphere to visitors.

Wildlife is abundant throughout this incredible stretch of pearly white sand, showcasing all the best that pristine and undeveloped beaches have to offer, alongside the clear shallow waters and gentle waves that typically describe the beaches in Naples.

This area is known for being one of the best stretches of sand for shelling, and it is a great spot for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts looking to get the most out of the oceanside and bayside that are both found in this stunning white beach park.

In terms of facilities, Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park and its beach are fully outfitted with a shaded picnic area, concession stands, restrooms, showers, grills, observation decks, and plenty of parking space. So, whether you’re itching for a family barbecue or wish to spend the day observing the surrounding wild nature, fishing, and canoeing, this gorgeous Naples beach has everything you need for a day out to remember!

Naples Pier Beach

The Naples Pier is certainly the most historic and iconic landmark of Naples, but there’s a whole lot more to the area than just walking down the pier and admiring the seafront. The many boardwalks surrounding the pier area allow visitors to easily cross the dunes directly to the central Naples Pier beach, offering incredibly convenient beach access to all.

Also known as the Naples Municipal Beach, this gorgeous stretch of white features around ten miles of soft, sandy beach, and it’s surrounded by all the shops, restaurants, washroom facilities, and urban amenities you’d ever need.

Perfect for a casual drop-in while shopping and great for watching the sunset with your loved one, this beach offers a vibrant and fun atmosphere to beach lovers looking to people-watch and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Naples while sunbathing.

Black and White Siberian Husky on Beach Shore

Bonita Beach Dog Park, Lover’s Key State Park

While visitors are generally allowed to take their furry companions for a walk and play in the parks, very few beaches ever allow you to bring your family dog on the shore. That’s why Bonita Beach, the soft stretch of sand more commonly known as simply “Dog Beach,” is the perfect getaway for families wanting to take their pup out with them to enjoy the sun and beach relaxation.

This wide beach is located approximately thirty minutes north of Naples, within Lover’s Key State Park, and it is a popular spot for not only dog owners and their pups but also for nature enthusiasts wanting to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding greenery and wildlife.

Visitors can walk the nearby nature trail, observe the different species that populate the area and watch their dog play with other furry friends, and run freely across the white sands.

South Marco Island Beach, Marco Island

Finally, we have the pristine beaches of Marco Island, located approximately twenty miles south of the city of Naples and immensely popular with residents and tourists alike thanks to their beautiful wildlife, serene atmosphere, shallow waters, and calm shores.

Marco Island, as a whole, offers some of the largest sandy beaches in Florida, boasting around six miles of coastline for its main beach area among the mangroves. The main beach on the southern side of Marco Island can be accessed through the central beach access trail (right between the Marriott’s Crystal Shores and the Hilton Marco Island Resort), taking you to the busiest side of the area, packed with activities to enjoy and a fun, vibrant atmosphere.

You’ll see beachgoers sunbathing, playing volleyball games, and enjoying the great amenities close by, but it won’t make for the most relaxing and quiet day out — the southern end of the beach, on the other hand,  will make for a much quieter spot to enjoy the calm waters and soak up the sun with your loved ones.

Find Your Dream Home in Naples, Florida

From stunning white sandy beaches to some of the best wildlife parks in the country, Naples is a beach lover’s paradise and one of the most beautiful cities in Florida to move to if you’re looking for vibrant and relaxing leisure living.

With sunshine and moderate temperatures all year-round, Naples residents can enjoy the pristine beaches right outside their front door every season, as well as their favorite water hobbies.

If you’re looking to relocate for work or looking for the best place in Florida to retire to, look no further than Naples to get all the best of tranquil oceanside living in one city full of activities to discover!

We want to make the search for your new dream home as easy as it can be, so there’s no better place than our listings for finding your new place in the sun, whether you’re looking for a waterfront property or the best luxury home for accessing your go-to golf course.

We know Naples better than anyone else, so if you can’t wait to discover what else Naples could offer you and your family besides world-famous white beaches, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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