Over the past few years, Quincy’s real estate market has been experiencing remarkable development. While the local market is still healthy, some buyers and sellers also witness constant changes in the housing market, supply and demand, and rising and declining home prices.

What’s the future of the Quincy market? How can we determine the best time to sell or buy houses in Quincy? In this article, we’ll walk you through the current market condition in Quincy and share our broad access to insights, trends, and statistics that will help you make the best decision in this shifting market.

A Resident’s Point of View: What It’s Like Living in Quincy?

City living is more than about its real estate market or job opportunities. It’s about the lifestyle, the community, and the day-to-day experiences that shape your life.

One of the most significant aspects of living in Quincy is the sense of community. The city hosts several annual events like the Christmas Parade and the August Moon Festival that bring residents together and celebrate the city’s diversity.

Living in Quincy means having access to amenities and recreational activities. The city’s numerous parks and beaches provide ample opportunities for outdoor fun. From a stroll along Wollaston Beach to hiking in the Blue Hills Reservation, there’s something for every nature enthusiast.

Quincy Center, the city’s downtown area, is a hub of activity with its restaurants, shops, and historic sites. Here, you can enjoy a meal at one of the local eateries, shop at unique boutiques, or explore the rich history of the Quincy Historical Society.

A Quick Overview of Quincy and Its Housing Market

Quincy, Florida, fondly known as the “City of Presidents,” is a vibrant city steeped in rich history and cultural diversity. It is the birthplace of two US Presidents, John Adams and his son, John Quincy Adams, which adds to its historical charm. Located in Norfolk County, just southeast of Boston, Quincy provides a unique blend of urban living with a suburban feel. But today, we will delve deeper into an aspect of Quincy that has been capturing attention – its real estate market.

Quincy, MA has seen significant growth within its real estate market. The city’s population as of July 2022 was approximately 101,700, and it continues to grow, indicating a healthy demand for housing and making it attractive for residential and commercial real estate investors.

Market Trends and Statistics in Quincy, MA Real Estate

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Median Home Prices and Recent Changes

In the heart of the real estate in Quincy, MA, median home prices have been the indicator of the city’s growth and prosperity. As of June 2023, the median home price in Quincy stood at around $662,000. This figure represents a significant increase of 7.6% compared to the previous year, reflecting the city’s growing appeal and the robust health of its real estate market.

This upward trend in home prices is a testament to Quincy’s thriving economy, strategic location, and quality of life. It underscores the demand for homes in the city and the willingness of buyers to invest in Quincy’s promising future. Recent changes in the Quincy market further highlight its dynamism.

The Selling Time for Homes in Quincy

In the dynamic world of real estate in Quincy, MA, homes are selling at an impressive pace and selling faster than ever. Homes in Quincy, MA were selling after an average of 16 days on the market, considerably faster than the national average. These sales indicate a high demand for homes, making Quincy a strong seller’s market.

This swift selling time is a strong indication of a seller’s market where the demand for homes exceeds the supply. It points to the desirability of Quincy as a place to live and invest, contributing to competitive bidding and sparking quick sales.

Quincy: House for Sale

As of May 2023, the housing inventory in Quincy stands at 193 active listings. This figure represents a healthy turnover of properties, indicating a vibrant and active real estate market. The availability of real estate homes for sale, Quincy, MA caters to a broad spectrum of homebuyers, from first-time buyers to seasoned investors, contributing to the city’s diverse housing landscape.

Factors Influencing the Quincy Real Estate Market

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Supply and Demand on Quincy, MA Real Estate

It’s no surprise that demand for homes in Quincy is consistently high. But how does this demand, coupled with the available supply of houses, impact the local real estate landscape? At its most basic, the law of supply and demand dictates that when demand exceeds supply, prices rise. Conversely, if supply outpaces demand, prices fall. This principle holds for any market, including real estate.

Rising Home Prices in Quincy

In Quincy, a surge in demand, fueled by a healthy economy and an influx of new residents, has often outpaced the supply of available homes. This imbalance has implications for home prices and the overall health of the Quincy housing market. The effects of supply and demand are clear in Quincy’s housing trends. More buyers than available houses drive home prices up.

This trend is further exacerbated by limited new construction due to geographical constraints and stringent zoning regulations, which restrict the supply of new homes. Additionally, the high demand has led to homes selling faster than average, often within days of listing. For buyers, this means facing stiff competition and potentially having to offer above the asking price to secure a house in Quincy.

Quincy, MA is a Seller’s Market

Understanding the interplay of supply and demand can help buyers and sellers navigate the Quincy housing market. For sellers, the high demand and limited supply create an advantageous position, potentially leading to higher selling prices and quicker sales. For buyers, the competitive market necessitates preparedness. Having financing in place and being ready to act quickly when a suitable property comes up is vital in securing a home.

If you want to keep updated about the status of housing supply and demand in Quincy, get in touch with the experts in the city Kris Reid of eXp Realty and Ardor Homes Florida.

Downtown Redevelopment Projects

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An often-overlooked aspect that significantly impacts property values and market trends is the downtown redevelopment projects. Urban renewal and downtown gentrification are catalysts for change in any city. They breathe new life into underutilized areas, improving infrastructure, attracting businesses, and enhancing aesthetics.

But what does this mean for the local real estate market? Downtown redevelopment projects can have a profound impact on Quincy’s real estate market. Here’s how:

Boosting Property Values

Revitalization efforts often lead to property value increases and around the redevelopment area. As neighborhoods near Quincy become more desirable due to new amenities and improved infrastructure, demand for homes in these areas rises, driving up prices.

Attracting New Residents

Redevelopment projects often attract new residents, further fueling demand for housing. The influx of people drawn to the renewed vibrancy of the downtown area can spur growth in the local housing market.

Stimulating Economic Growth

These projects often stimulate economic growth by attracting businesses and creating jobs, boosting the real estate market. A thriving local economy increases the desirability of the area, positively affecting home values.

Quincy’s School Ratings

Research indicates a strong correlation between the quality of public schools and home values in a given community. For instance, homes within top-rated school districts are often valued significantly higher than the national median home price. This trend is confined to physical home values and extends to online real estate platforms where properties in high-ranking school districts receive more views from prospective buyers.

Investment in education not only benefits the students but also has a positive impact on the local real estate market. But why do school ratings have such a profound influence on Quincy’s housing? The answer lies in the aspirations of parents. 

Students Taking Notes

Quality education is a priority for most parents, and many are willing to pay a premium for housing in neighborhoods that offer access to top-rated schools. Therefore, the quality of a school district is “positively associated” with increased housing values.

Moreover, questions about school districts and neighborhoods are frequent among real estate professionals’ clientele. Prospective homeowners often consider the quality of local schools when deciding where to buy a home. This demand drives up home prices in areas with highly-rated schools, further reinforcing the connection between school quality and real estate values.

Future Predictions: What to Expect?

Anticipating future trends in the real estate market can be a game-changer for potential homebuyers and investors. While it has seen its fair share of ups and downs, understanding what lies ahead can help you make informed decisions.

Quincy’s proximity to Boston continuously attracts a steady stream of new residents. This consistent demand continue influencing the local real estate market positively.

Economic indicators also play a significant role in shaping the real estate market. As Quincy continues to experience economic growth, home prices could increase in the long term.

Urban development projects in Quincy are likely to have a positive impact on the real estate market. As the city continues to grow and evolve, these developments could increase property values in the surrounding areas. School ratings often play a crucial role in real estate trends. Given Quincy’s reputation for quality education, this factor may continue to drive demand for homes in the area.

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Here are some of the expected urban projects in Quincy, Florida:

  • Park Improvements: There are ongoing plans for renovations and improvements to local parks, including repairs to century-old structures and new recreational amenities.

  • Housing Production Plan 2022-2027: The city of Quincy is working on a comprehensive housing production plan that will see similar developments to the Quincy Center in the upcoming years.

  • Quincy Center Transformation: This is a multi-year project aimed at transforming Quincy Center into an economic hub. It’s one of the largest ongoing urban renaissance efforts in Florida.

  • School Construction Projects: In 2023, construction projects are set to continue at two of the city’s schools.

  • Flood Mitigation Project: A new construction project has begun in Quincy to prepare the city for the impacts of climate change and help prevent flooding.

  • Nova Hancock Housing Project: This is one of two new buildings that LBC has planned for Quincy. The other project, Nova Water Street, is also expected to break ground this year.

Please note that these projects might be subject to change based on various factors, including budget allocations, community feedback, and environmental considerations.

Experience Quincy’s Opportunities

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Generally, the off-peak season (late fall and winter) can be a favorable time for buyers. There may be fewer competing buyers, leading to reduced bidding wars and potentially more negotiation power.

The spring and summer months tend to be the peak selling season in many areas, including Quincy. The weather is favorable, and potential buyers may be more active, leading to increased demand.

Yes. it’s a desirable place for most homebuyers for its convenient location, affordability, public transportation, quality of education, and community.

Quincy is generally considered a safe city. The city’s proactive community policing and law enforcement contribute to its safer environment compared to many other cities in the US.

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