Port Royal is one of the most valued neighborhoods in Florida. It lies on the southern end of Naples between the Gulf of Mexico and Naples Bay.

Its illustrious past has continued to shape the present, which is now associated with a luxurious and peaceful community.

The History Of Port Royal

Port Royal has a lengthy history and was called a “useless swamp” until it was purchased by J.Glenn Sample back in 1938.

It all began with a dredge-and-fill project. Sample envisioned the seagrass forest being transformed into a number of peninsulas bordered by deep canals large enough to accommodate yachts and other recreational craft. Glenn Sample was able to control the swamp and arrange the terrain so that it could support the construction of luxury villas in Naples.

He wanted to build a community that was second to none and attract only the wealthiest people to stake a claim on the future of Port Royal. Howard Major, one of America’s best architects at the time, was commissioned to develop the neighborhood. Sample set the bar high: a posh neighborhood with a friendly vibe.

Major carried out his plan.

The town of Port Royal was named after a city in Jamaica that was a major center for pirate activities throughout the 1600s. The residents were well-known for their extravagant lifestyles. Street names like “Rum Row” and “Kingstown Crescent” refer to the pirate concept that inspired Sample.

In 1952, four properties in Port Royal were advertised for sale. The residences were advertised in the Collier County News at the time as being for sale to “appropriate buyers at the actual price.” Sample himself decided what was considered “appropriate.”

He personally interviewed anybody who indicated an interest in purchasing one of his homes, accepting or rejecting potential purchasers based on their demeanor and apparel, which he deemed appropriate for the perfect inhabitant he envisioned. Sample, like the entrepreneur he used to be, wanted everything to work in his favor.

Famous Residents of Port Royal

Many Naples residents have houses all around the world, but they come to Naples for its distinct atmosphere, narrow streets packed with eateries and art galleries, and a refined ambience where the wealthy and famous can mingle and enjoy themselves.

Bob Seger

Famous American singer, songwriter, and musician owns two properties, one in Seagate and the other on the beach, and is known to be one of Port Royal’s most famous residents.

Larry Bird

Former professional basketball player, coach, and executive in the National Basketball Association, Larry Joe Bird has lived in Park Shore for many years.

Robin Cook

Best known for his writing style which combines the thriller genre with medical writing, American novelist and physician Robin Cook also lives in Park Shore.

Judith Sheindlin

Judith Sheindlin, also known as Judge Judy, a TV producer, television personality, former court judge, and prosecutor, lives in Pelican Bay’s Bay Colony neighborhood.

Homes in Port Royal

Properties in Port Royal are appealing because the area offers over 250 sunny days each year. There are a number of part-time residents in this area. People purchase vacation homes in Naples solely to enjoy the spectacular sunset views from the coast. They stay for the great community and the old town feel.

One interesting aspect of living in Port Royal is that individuals from all over the world are relocating here. You might have some extremely cool neighbors with the town being ethnically diverse. Members of the Port Royal neighborhood will have access to world-class tennis courts, a beautiful beach, community events, a heated pool, a brand-new fitness center, and fine dining at the club restaurant.

Types of Homes

Port Royal is another way of saying luxury. And of course, there are various types of properties here that give the residents exactly what they need because we all have specific desires when it comes to buying a luxury condo.

Look no further than Maggie Ives’ listings if you’re looking for premium real estate in Port Royal, Florida. She’s a seasoned high-end real estate agent with access to some of Naples’ most spectacular residences. She knows how the real estate market works in Florida because she was born and raised here, and she’ll utilize that expertise to help you locate the perfect property for you.

Golf Properties

There is no better place to live in the world for golf fans than Naples. The town is a popular golfing and luxury leisure resort. Within driving distance of Naples are more than 80 championship golf courses. It’s such a perfect location for golfers that there are even special golf course homes for sale in Naples. Living close to the courses you can indulge in your preferred activities whenever you wish.

Other hobbies, such as water sports, benefit from the warmer temperatures as well. Swimming, boating, kayaking, and other water-based sports are all available here in Port Royal. The resort community is welcoming to new homeowners who are looking to live in a comfortable luxury home.

Professionals and amateurs alike have been lured to the variety of golf courses and outdoor activities. Golf communities in Naples are also waiting for you.

The golf course homes in Naples are unmatched

Beachfront Properties

Each of us has distinct requirements. Some are seeking a calm place to escape, while others are looking for a place to start a family. Some people want an active social life, while others just want to relax and play golf. Everything is available in Naples!

Naples is a city that wallows in the sun. What goes well with a whole lot of sun? A whole lot of beach, of course! They all have spectacular views, direct beach access, and luxurious facilities like a pool and tub – everything you need for a year in Florida.

Best Things To Do in Port Royal

Port Royal also has many attractions that both visitors and residents can enjoy.

Cypress Wetlands

Cypress Wetland is a family-friendly park where you may explore quiet natural beauty while wandering along the 1/2 mile of walking pathways and admiring the diverse birds and flora.

The Sands

The Sands is a beach in Port Royal where tourists can enjoy the shorefront with three landing ramps for boaters, a floating dock, and a fishing pier. An observation tower, picnic spots, and crab-hunting sites are also available at this location.

Golf course homes in Naples are second to none

The Port Royal Club

Port Royal Club was established by J. Glenn Sample back in 1959 and it continues its long tradition of bringing people together.

The club, which was known for its tennis courts and apple pie, has become the community’s focal point. Residents at Port Royal are often given the opportunity to play with tennis legends.

The Club is exclusive to its members and it includes amenities such as luxurious dining, event facilities, party planning for special occasions, world-class recreational facilities, and health services.

Homeowners on the south side of Palmer Estates and 21st Avenue South can apply to be members of this exclusive luxurious club.


In summary, Port Royale is a dream come true for those who love living in luxury and peace as well as golfing and watersports. It’s one of the best places to purchase your second or maybe even third home. With so many tempting luxurious properties to choose from, and a vibrant community, Port Royal is waiting for you to make the next move.

As a local and a seasoned real estate agent, we are here to help you! Contact us to find your dream home in Port Royal to become a member of this exclusive community!

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