Florida is one of the best markets to invest in real estate. Due to its great climate, the state attracts more than a hundred million visitors each year to enjoy its beautiful beaches and lively vibe. Not only that, but many people also want to move into the state permanently, which means that it is a good place to sell homes for a good profit.

For all these reasons and more, investing in real estate in Florida is a smart move. You will have your dream home in this idyllic state that will also give you the best value for your money.

However, it would be unwise to dive into any investment without doing your research first. You must understand the market, be aware of any possible risks, and get all the information you need to make the best decision for yourself and your wallet.

And, that is why we are here—to provide you with expert information and guidance on investing in Florida homes. So, put on your investor hat, and let us get started!

Florida Real Estate Market: An Overview

Florida is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. It has seen strong growth in recent years, with many areas experiencing a considerable increase in home values. This is because the state offers year-round sunshine and beaches that attract people from all over the world.

But there is more than just the weather that makes the Florida real estate market very desirable. Taxes are generally low, there are no state individual income taxes, and mortgage rates have remained relatively stable. This means that it is a great place to invest in real estate and make your money grow.

Whether you are looking to buy a permanent home or an investment property, the state offers something for everyone. There is no shortage of homes available for sale, from apartments to luxury homes, so there is always something out there that will meet your needs.

Additionally, there are plenty of programs and incentives designed to help investors get the most out of their purchases. For example, the state has homestead laws that offer tax cuts and other assistance when buying a primary residence. This can save you, as a buyer, thousands of dollars down the line.

Based on its current activity, the Florida real estate market shows no signs of slowing down. With home prices holding steady as more and more buyers enter the market, it is a great time to invest in real estate here.

Notable Florida Real Estate Trends in 2023

The state’s real estate market has experienced significant shifts and developments. Here are Florida real estate trends that are worth knowing.

Stability in Median Sales Prices

The median sales price of homes in Florida has remained relatively stable so far this year. Overall, the real estate market remains steady and resilient despite market fluctuations elsewhere in the US. This stability is due to strong demand for homes combined with limited inventory—a combination that usually leads to higher prices.

In some areas, median home prices have kept a consistent growth rate, with prices increasing by more than 6%. This suggests that there is still room for growth and investment in this market. This also means that you can expect significant returns should you decide to sell your property soon after the purchase.

Decreasing Number of Closed Sales

Due to high mortgage rates in some areas, the number of closed sales has decreased in Florida. Interestingly, this decline is higher among buyers than sellers. This suggests that many people are having difficulty getting approved for a mortgage loan and may be turning to other options, such as renting or saving up to purchase a home in cash.

However, it is important to note that even with fewer closed sales, Florida’s real estate market is doing well. Prices remain relatively stable despite the decrease in activity, and many areas have experienced an increase in demand from potential buyers.

New Luxury Home Developments

This year has been seeing the Florida luxury real estate scene booming, especially in the southwest, with developers pouring in to build new high-end projects. With the state’s desirable climate and attractive locations, it is no surprise that people are looking for luxury homes here.

Developers have been able to capitalize on this demand by constructing upscale residences with the latest amenities. From balcony views of the ocean to rooftop pools, these homes offer a taste of paradise at reasonable prices.

And, since many of these developments are located close to shopping centers and other attractions, potential buyers can enjoy convenient access to all the comforts of home. These luxurious homes are perfect for those who want the best of both worlds—a comfortable place to live as well as an investment opportunity.

Increase in Housing Supply

For those who are buying a house in Florida, there has been an increase in the number of available homes. This is especially true for home buyers looking for single-family residences. With low inventory levels, more sellers are entering the market and increasing competition among potential buyers.

This is great news, as it means you will have more options available at different price points. However, it also means that you should be prepared to act quickly when you see a home you like because competition is high and these properties tend to get snapped up quickly.

Shift to the Buyer’s Market

The real estate market in Florida has been on a steady rise, and it seems that it is slowly shifting in the buyer’s favor. This means that buyers are preparing to face less competition when searching for homes and may be able to negotiate better deals than before.

With more options available at different price points, you can take your time looking for the perfect home without worrying about missing out on a great opportunity.

By being updated with the latest real estate trends, you are more likely to make the right decision when it comes time to invest in a property for sale in Florida. Now, you can start searching for potential homes!

4 Important Factors to Consider When Investing in Florida Real Estate

family checking out a property for sale in Florida with the help of a real estate agent

As with any other type of investment, there are special considerations you need to make when buying real estate in Florida. Here are five things to keep in mind.

1. You Budget

Whether you are buying a house in Florida to use as your primary residence or doing it for investment, you should have a budget in place before you start searching. This will help you narrow down your search and make sure that you do not end up with a property that is too expensive or one that does not fit within your financial goals.

If you are not buying the property in cash, the best way to finance your purchase is through a mortgage. By getting pre-approved for a home loan, you will also know how much you can afford and what type of home will fit within your budget.

Compare rates from different lenders to find the right mortgage loan that works for you. Of course, make sure that your credit score is in good shape before applying.

2. Location

When looking for a property to purchase, you need to consider factors, like the neighborhood, access to public transportation, and proximity to amenities, such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centers.

The right location will also ensure you are getting the best returns when buying Florida investment properties. Ideally, it should be near the state’s most popular attractions, such as theme parks, beaches, and golf courses.

Check out local events or festivals happening nearby too. This will help attract potential guests or tenants who want to be in the thick of things while in the state.

Top Cities and Towns to Look for Florida Investment Properties

All things considered, here are our top recommendations for the best places to buy a home in the state.


It goes without saying that Miami is an extremely popular destination for real estate buyers. Blending vibrant culture with luxurious living, this city is perfect for those wanting a slice of paradise without having to give up their lifestyle. Plus, the surrounding neighborhoods are some of the most affluent in all of Florida.


Home to Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando is a great place for both tourists and investors. Plus, it offers a wide range of housing options, from multi-million dollar condos to starter homes. With its vibrant atmosphere, this city is sure to be a great investment in the long run!

Palm Beach

This island paradise is known for its stunning beaches and glitzy properties. It is no surprise that Palm Beach is home to many of the wealthiest residents in the state. Whether you are looking for a single-family home or a condo, this sunny spot has something for everyone!


If you are looking for exquisite waterfront properties with incredible views, Naples is the place for you. From luxurious golf courses to high-end shopping centers, this city offers it all. With its pristine beaches, real estate in Naples has been soaring in demand.


Nestled in the Florida Panhandle, Pensacola is the perfect spot for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city living. Boasting miles of white sand beaches and its close proximity to other cities, it is ideal for those wanting rental properties.


The state capital of Florida, this charming city is known for its historical sites, culture, and modern amenities. It is a place for those who want a combination of city and suburban living. As Tallahassee has plenty of job opportunities, it makes it an ideal choice for renters and investors alike.

3. Condition of the Property

Of course, you would not want to end up with a place that requires you to shell out a considerable amount of money for repairs. This is also important if you plan on buying and selling a house in Florida for investment. You will be able to list it quickly on the market, as you do not have to spend time and money on renovations.

So, take the time to view the property in person. Check for any signs of damage or cracks in the walls, mold, pest infestations, roof issues, water damage, and other structural problems. You can also hire a professional home inspector to do a thorough examination of the property before you make your offer.

4. Hiring a Local Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents in Florida who know the market like the back of their hands will be your best ally and resource when it comes to finding your dream home. They are experts in the field and understand the nuances of buying a house in this part of the country.

Be sure to hire an experienced and reputable agent who is familiar with the city or town you are interested in. This ensures you get the best property at a fair price.

Buy the Perfect Florida Home with Us Now!

Investing in real estate in Florida can be an exciting and rewarding experience. But remember to have a clear budget, opt for the best location, hire a local expert, and inspect the property before making your offer. All of these steps will help ensure that you get the home that is perfect for you—without any unwanted surprises!

At Ardor Homes Florida, we make it easy to find the perfect fit for your needs. Our experienced agents know all about buying real estate in our state and are ready to help you find your dream home with ease. Contact us today to get started on your home-hunting journey!

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