Welcome to the vibrant community of Belmont, Florida, where timeless charm meets modern living. If you’ve been on the lookout for your new home, you’re in for a treat. Belmont, with its attractive neighborhoods and diverse real estate options, is the perfect place to have a new beginning or settle down. Today we show off the enticing offerings of Belmont, MA, from stunning new homes to the ever-appealing Belmont MA real estate market.

Belmont MA Real Estate Market Overview

As of November 2023, the current real estate market in Belmont, MA is displaying noteworthy trends. According to Redfin, the housing market in Belmont is somewhat competitive, scoring 67 out of 100 on their competitiveness index. This indicates that buyers may encounter a moderate level of competition when searching for properties in Belmont.

The average home values in Belmont were around $1.13 million in October, reflecting a significant increase of 27.8% compared to the previous period. This surge in average house prices suggests strong demand and a thriving market in Belmont. However, Rocket Homes reports that the median home sold price in October 2023 was $1,227,500, which represents a slight decline of 0.3% from the previous year.

Despite this slight decrease, the median listing home price in Belmont has been trending upwards year-over-year, reaching $1.4 million in October 2023, as reported by This indicates a market that continues to show signs of growth and appreciation.

These figures suggest a dynamic real estate market in Belmont, with rising prices and strong buyer interest. The ongoing increase in median listing home prices points to a seller’s market, where sellers may have an advantage in negotiations.

Buyers interested in the Belmont area should be prepared to navigate a competitive market and consider working closely with a knowledgeable real estate agent who can provide guidance and assist in finding suitable properties within their budget.

Belmont, MA Homes For Sale


Belmont’s real estate landscape is a harmonious blend of classic architecture and modern design. From colonial-style residences to sleek and stylish contemporary homes, Belmont offers a diverse range of options to cater to different preferences. As you explore the neighborhoods, you’ll find that each home tells a unique story, reflecting the rich history and character of Belmont.

For those seeking the latest in design and amenities, there is an array of new homes for sale in Belmont, MA. These property types boast cutting-edge features, energy-efficient technologies, and contemporary layouts, providing the perfect canvas for you to create a home that reflects your style. Imagine waking up to the scent of fresh paint in your brand-new kitchen or enjoying the sunset from your state-of-the-art rooftop terrace. Belmont, MA homes for sale offer a modern and luxurious lifestyle for those who crave the best.

With its proximity to Boston, excellent schools, and a plethora of recreational activities, Belmont offers an unparalleled quality of life. As you search for homes for sale in Belmont, envision the convenience of local amenities, the beauty of nearby parks, and the sense of community that defines Belmont living.

Investing in Belmont real estate is not just about finding a home; it’s about securing your future in a thriving community. As you explore the available homes for sale in Belmont, consider the potential for increasing home values. Belmont’s commitment to education, safety, and community services contributes to a strong housing market that has proven resilient over the years.

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We invite you to embark on a new adventure – finding your dream property among houses for sale in Belmont, Florida. From historic residences to new, cutting-edge homes, Belmont offers beautiful options for those seeking quality living in a welcoming community. Explore the Belmont, MA, homes for sale, and let the captivating charm of this town become the backdrop for your next chapter. Welcome home!

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